Access Control Systems

About this Systems:

Electronic access control points could be a door, turnstile, parking barriers or any kind of physical barrier controlled by an electric locking device. Operator intervention is replaced by an automated card reader or a biometric reader.

State-of-the-art Web based access control, Managed access control are exercised to reduce the cost of equipment maintenance & Visitor management systems to manage the organization's visitor traffic. Specialized solutions with intricate software are designed for high profile operations in Banking & Financial Institutions, Airports & Seaports and Government establishments of Defense & Research.

Biometric technologies like fingerprints, retina scan, iris scan, hand geometry and facial scan are brought in operation to analyze unique personal attributes. Access Control Matrix could be devised as a model for static access permissions meant for specific access control security policies.

Penetration Testing involving Discovery, Enumeration, Vulnerability Mapping and Exploitation is a vital service using advanced set of procedures and tools to test security controls of a system.

Access Readers

Access control card readers are used in physical security systems to read a credential that allows access through access control points, typically a locked door. An access control reader can be a magnetic stripe, bar code, proximity, smart card / biometric reader.

Access Cards

A plastic card with a magnetic strip containing encoded data that is read by passing the card through or over an electronic device, used especially to make electronic transactions and to provide access to restricted or secure areas.

Biometric Systems

A biometric system is a technological system that uses information about a person (or other biological organism) to identify that person. Biometric systems rely on specific data about unique biological traits in order to work effectively

Door Access Systems

Finger is scanned and the fingerprint pattern is detected and used for access control through a keyless door lock. This System is Ideal for Stores, Restaurants, Banks, Small / Medium / Large sized businesses Industries and Homes.