Fire Alarm System

Fire Detection System

A complete range of conventional and advanced fire alarm panels, detectors, signaling devices, accessories and service tools for any new or retrofit application. Explicitly analytical information and action in precarious moments those could be relied upon to help protect commercial buildings, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, educational establishments, retail stores and many other facilities.

The Fire alarm system is designed to detect the smoke or heat above a certain limit within the premises & alert people in that establishment through alarm sounders. Very early smoke detection is also possible by using special design & equipments.

Various detectable physical changes associated with fire are identified using advanced technologies like convected thermal energy, heat detector, products of combustion, smoke detector, radiant energy, flame detector, combustion gases, fire gas detector. Cameras and software could also be used to analyze the visible effects of fire and irrational changes in applications.

System installation supported with consistent service helps in maintaining the premises in compliance with local codes and regulations.

Fire Alarm Functions:

The main function of a Fire Alarm System is to give an early warning, that the fire has taken place in the factory or residential complex. This means that, the people in proximity to that area have an early warning to evacuate the building. However the fire will continue to burn, unless if an active system like Fire Hydrant System or Fire Sprinkler System is engaged.

The second function of the Fire Alarm System is to, alert the responsible authorities. Here the authorities may be the local Fire Department or the Emergency Action team.

The third function is to support the Fire Brigade, when they enter the building on fire. A Fire Alarm System also provides necessary emergency lighting, so that the Fire Team can navigate through the smoke and the dust.

There are two types of Fire Alarm Systems, based on the detection of location of fire :
  • Addressable Fire Alarm Systems
  • Non- Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems :

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems are also called Smart Fire Alarm Systems. This is because along with detection of fire they provide the location of the fire. As and when the fire spreads the FAS, alert accordingly. In addition they may provide an array of other specific services. Up to 250 devices may be connected, to the main control panel of the Fire Alarm System. Fire Alarm Companies in India, have made great strides to make the system more effective and user friendly.

Non-Addressable Fire Alarm Systems :

Non-Addressable Fire Alarm Systems are simple FAS. Their primary function is to alert the occupants that a fire has taken place.